Turkey’s Higher education system
Academic Examination Process & Pass mark in Turkey

Associate’s degree (short cycle):

Duration: 2-year study program

Are offered by: universities and foundation post secondary vocational schools.


Note: Some distance education programs are also available.

Note: The associate degree programs may require a period of on-the-job training.


Bachelor’s degree (1st cycle):

Duration: 4-year course and 240 ECTS of study

5 years’ duration of study for: dentistry, veterinary medicine & pharmacy

6 years’ duration of study for: medicine

Note: The qualifications in these four fields, are considered to be the equivalent of a Master’s degree!


Master’s degree program (2nd cycle):

Duration: 2-year program

2 kinds of Masters degrees: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Sciences (MS).

2 kinds of Master’s programs: with or without a thesis

The Master’s with thesis program: a 2-year program generally consisting courses with a minimum of 120 ECTS followed by submission of a thesis.

Non-thesis programs: are to be completed in one or one and a half years and call for the completion of graduate courses of a minimum 90 credits and a term project


Doctoral degree program (3rd cycle):

Duration: Usually an 8-semester program

PhD degree consists of: courses with 180-240 ECTS, a proficiency exam, a dissertation proposal, a dissertation & oral defense.

Note: After successful completion of the course work and the proficiency exam, students must submit the dissertation and defend it orally before an examining committee.


Specialization in Medicine Programs:

= Equivalent to doctoral degree programs

Carry out in the: faculties of medicine, university hospitals and research and training hospitals

Examination: For the specialization in medicine, there is a competitive selection examination in various branches of medicine for those graduating from the faculties of medicine.

  Academic Examination Process & Pass mark in Turkey

Dissertation: Specialist candidates are required to submit a dissertation and defend it before an examining committee.


Proficiency in Art:

=Equivalent to a Doctorate

Duration: At least a 6-semester post-Master’s program

Branches: In the visual and performing art branches

Art presentation: It requires the presentation of an original work of art or (in music and the performing arts) a superior, creative performance.

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