General Structure of Turkey’s education system
Turkey Academic Degrees

After finishing high school, you can enter higher education in Turkey. The Turkish academic system is in accordance with the educational system known as “Bologna”, which is a coordinated educational system among European countries.

Public and private universities in Turkey are in compliance with the Bologna Agreement and are aligning their courses in line with Europe. Turkey’s education system is fully in line with American education system standards.


Types of Higher Education Institutions and Academic Units in Turkey


Faculty (College)

Offer: Higher education, scholarly research & publication

Award: Bachelor’s degree Educational programs lasts for at least 4 years.


Graduate School

Offer: Graduate education, Scholarly research and applications.

Award: MA, MSc or PhD degrees.


4-year School

Offer: Providing instruction for a specific profession

Duration: 8 semesters



Offer: Training artists for music and the performing arts

Duration: 8 semesters


Post-Secondary Vocational School

Offer: Training human capacity in specific professions

Duration: 4 semesters


Research and Application Center

Offer: Research and applied studies

Aim: To meet the applied study needs of various areas, to provide preparatory and support activities for various professional areas & Supporting education in institutions of higher education

  Academic Examination Process & Pass mark in Turkey

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